I am unreachable
not that I am perched
upon an insurmountable cliff

not that I lie
at the end of an
endless journey 

I am unreachable
because nothing is
trying to reach me

No path
no gate
no bridge

no weary travellers
will ever rest
in my being 

for there are none.


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The Richness of This

In this season of love, there may be wishes and dreams, and longing for particular things. Wrapped in anticipation, it may seem that you lack completion.

Ah, but what is the greatest treasure? Your presence as life itself is the richness of the season. Already fully being; present perfection beyond measure.

And so you see, fulfillment is not waiting to be. The greatest present…is presence.

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What You Are

Is there doubt?
then doubt is what you are.

Is there wondering?
then wondering is what you are.

Is there joy?
then joy is what you are.

Is there connection?
then connection is what you are.

Is there wanting connection?
then wanting connection is what you are.

Is there love?
then love is what you are.

Is there fear of not knowing?
then fear of not knowing is what you are.

Is there frustration and anger?
then frustration and anger is what you are.

Is there sadness and tenderness?
then sadness and tenderness is what you are.

Is there a feeling of being lost?
then a feeling of being lost is what you are.

Is there anything you are not?
wondering if there is anything you are not is what you are.

you are what is.
what is, you are.

The pulse of life, 



The 'Personal I'

Hom blog nothing.png

The 'I' thought
is nothing but a phantom

a hungry ghost

that wants to consume
the world

to eat the sun
to fill itself up

with words
and descriptions

its hunger never
ever satiated

a shadow
stretching its desire around the sun

is its thirst

all it does is want
and fear

all it is
is nothing at all

look and see
its corpse

made only of words
its existence

seemingly borrowed
from you

just as the moon
borrows its light

from the sun

turn towards it

and it's not there



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Words are like shadows
shot at the sun

trying to pierce its heart
and slay its magnificence

to bring its lifeless corpse
back to earth

but every shadow shot

and every failure
every death

rages with your beauty
dances as your splendor

when a fiction leans in
to kiss your beauty

it perishes
in truth

in/as you
and you alone

such is your ruthless love

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The Resounding


and there it is.

that old familiar yearning.
the tug of the heart,
a bell of pure sensation

and words will call this loneliness,
and say there's something missing

and they may say, as they do,
that something could come to you,
that some pure sweetness would
rush in the void

but the bell,
it keeps on ringing...

like a snake-coiled alarm that is silent 
and yet deafening,
burning the dark into glass
and shattering every illusion

you wake up and see...
you were never asleep.

every sweetness and every void
were only your own colors - flashing.
every wanting and missing was the 
stark of your bell.

... pure sensation ringing ... 

but it does not ring OUT,
that was the fallacy.

it rings IN, 
it rings AS,

the resounding

it is you.





When you appear as “support from another”, that is your aloneness.
When you appear as “the beauty of another”, that is your aloneness.
When you appear as “love of another”, that is your aloneness.
When you appear as “admiring another”, that is your aloneness.
Everything that is, this seeming diversity, is your aloneness.
Every treasure that appears, is your richness.
There is no other that compares to you, as every apparent other is merely your reflection.



All That is Here

You really are that song playing on the radio.

You really are that beautiful sunrise.

You really are the smell of fresh toast.

You really are the warmth of the shower.

And you really are the sweetness of that apple.

You really are all that is here.

Nobody wrote that song.

Nobody ever saw a sunrise.

Nobody ever smelled fresh toast.

Nobody ever had a shower.

And nobody ever grew, or tasted, an apple.

You REALLY ARE all that is here.





you are always in question aren’t you? 
or in judgement...

is it good? is it bad?
is it right? is it wrong?
is it love? is it pain?

will it become one from the other?

Just what are you right now — 
and for who?
as if a line could say. 

you have no mind for it do you.

it truly makes no difference
what a line could call you be.

As if the wilted petal 
has less splendor than the rose.




Ordinary Being

Noticing your being isn’t anything special.

It’s a delicious taste.

It’s a glorious sunset.

It’s a lovely song.

It’s dishwashing.

It’s the smell of a rose.

Those ordinary moments where no thoughts are claiming ownership of experience, where there is just experience, are so effortless and ordinary that perhaps they aren’t noted as anything significant.

They aren’t really. They are just you effortlessly being.

And, if thoughts about ownership or separation come up….well, they, too, are just you effortlessly being….they are known just as effortlessly as a glorious sunset.

And if thought crops up to say there is something separate noticing the sunset, notice that it doesn’t change a thing. There is still the glorious sunset and the thought…effortlessly being. heart emoticon

The separate owner of experience implied by thought…no…it can’t actually create an “unnoticing” of your being, nor can it create an owner. It’s just a thought showing up as YOU (experience)…not creating an actual separate something. It’s just simply being, too.



Life is a Dance of Beingness


Life is a dance of beingness. You are not a dancer. You ARE the dance. You are not a being. You ARE being. You are not a person living a life. You ARE Life. You are not “going with the flow”. You ARE the flow. You don't have experiences. You ARE experience. You are not free. You ARE freedom. You are not at peace. You ARE peace. You do not love. You ARE love.

Such a subtle shift, but interesting to notice how the idea of a "middle man", a person, seems to separate you from what you ARE, how it seems to create two...a dancer and a dance, an experiencer and experience. But there is no doer. The "middle man" is thought.

Furthermore, it only SEEMS to separate you from what you ARE, but it never can. That's because, it, too, appears as what you are, and it, too, is seen in perfect clarity. There is never a time when you haven't seen what you are appearing as in perfect clarity. What is happening? That is what you ARE. It isn't happening *to* someone. It's just happening AS you.


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The Cosmic Joke

When you see what you are, you also see that nobody could ever have pointed it out to you, and that nobody ever did. That's when the cosmic joke hits home.

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Life Is But A Dream...

If you have never considered the implications of what thought labels a "night time dream" — then you are missing one of the greatest clues:

SIGHT happens without eyes or actual sights.

SOUND happens without ears or actual sounds.

SENSATION happens without skin or actual sensations.

TASTE happens without tongues or actual tastes. 

SMELL happens without a nose or actual smells.

EXPERIENCE is full-on without a single one of these supposedly "required" sensual apparatuses. No separate "vehicle" for experience is required in any way. 

And thought may explain this wonder-of-a-clue away by claiming sensual data is stored in a brain and sent out to nerves as memories.  And how is this known? Is the way that that explanation is known ANY DIFFERENT to the way any of the appearances in a dream are known? ... which is plainly and at face value?  

Can you find the tiniest difference? ... between knowing and known?

Then how do you know "brain and nerve signals" are not simply more of the "dream"?  

Is it thought that tells you?  The very same kind of thought that tells you you're naked in front of the classroom?? Or that you just got drunk with Bozo the clown at a party under the sea??  ;)

Thought stories experience, and thought calls it "dream" or "no dream".  There's nothing of a dream that's not experience. There's nothing of a "you" that's not experience. There's nothing of "life" that's not experience... so you do the math. :)

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily....
life is but a dream





Never Written

That beautiful melody was never written — by anybody, or anything.

That intricate painting was never painted — by anybody, or anything.

That beautiful sunset was never created — by anybody, or anything.

And these words were never authored — by anybody, or anything.

It's all just the miracle of what you show up as,
without any effort at all.




So It Seems Like You're A Person...

Ok, so it seems like you're a person, who was born, and has been here for decades. And it seems impossible to see yourself as anything other than that. So instead of considering the whole idea of being a person, take a good look at "experience".

What is the nature of "experience"?

Is there any reason to believe that your perception of experience labelled "blue", is replicated anywhere?

If you have a belief that somebody, or something, can be aware of the experience of "blue", in EXACTLY the way that you are aware of it, take a look at that belief. 

What evidence do you have, to confirm that it is not just a belief?

Then look at the belief that the experience of blue is something outside of, other than, or separate from, you.

Is there REALLY a border between the experience of blue, and your awareness of it?

Is there a place where "blue" stops, and you begin?

Finally, take a very close look at whether YOU actually ever experience experience.

For example, do you ever actually experience pain?

Or do you simply know of pain, and of thoughts that say that you are experiencing pain?

Is there ever any direct experience of "experiencing pain"?

If you think there is, please describe what the direct experience of "experiencing pain" is



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Thought: The Narrator

Nature documentaries are a wonderful example of how thought seems to work. Experience is the film, and thought (also the film) is the narrator. It postulates story, after story, after story, of what is showing up...

"the mother bear is at her wits end, she is tired and ragged, she becomes desperate and hopeless... the cubs are only 1 year old and they are open to new ideas...they are overjoyed to find a crab in the kelp..."  I wonder how all of this is known exactly?? 

Have a look at the narration going on right now, what does it say, and how is that known? Is what it's claiming known at all?

Or is it known simply AS narration, just as clueless as the nature documentary narration, guessing and implying all manner of drama onto pure and simple experience?

Now look at whether the narration is actually complicating experience AT ALL? Is it separate from it? What is complicated about stories plainly known?


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Twisted Pointers

It seems that sometimes pointers can be twisted when taken from the perspective of a person in a world. Take a look at the following examples.

Can you see the difference between what the pointer really is pointing to and how it can be twisted when thought that it applies to a person?

Can you see how the “twisted” version of the pointers suggest something separate in this living a life in a world, control, a doer, and expectation that this should look a certain way?


What it points to: Suffering is a story about wanting things to be different for something which is affected by this. There is no suffering because there is no separation, and it’s impossible for something to be affected by this, since you are showing up AS it.

How it can be taken: My life will be smooth and carefree, full of joy and bliss. There will be no thoughts of sadness, discontent, despair, etc. Or, I will be able to endure anything, and there will be no thoughts about not wanting it to happen.


What it points to: No matter what stories come up, experience is unaffected. Even stories about unrest, come up peacefully and without any striving.

How it can be taken: I will always have calm and peaceful thoughts, or I will have no thoughts and that will leave a sense of peace. I will never react with anger. Everything that I say or do will be peaceful and calm and gentle.


What it points to:  Experience isn’t limited in any way. No limits or boundaries for experience can be found anywhere. It can show up in ANY way. It isn’t constrained by thought or anything else. And you are experience, so the unconstrained nature of experience is the freedom that you are.

How it can be taken:  I will be free of thoughts about being a person and/or all unwanted thoughts.


What it points to: You are not a separate person in a world that is affected by thought or anything else that happens. Since you alone are here, there isn’t anything to be affected by what shows up. You ARE what shows up, not something affected by it. You only know of thoughts about something affected.

How it can be taken: I will not react to anything. No matter what happens, I will take it in stride and everything will wash over me without any indication of distress. Composure will be maintained at all times.



Truly A Wonder


Truly A Wonder

Have you noticed how truly amazing the story is? Thought often gives itself a bad rap (that’s pretty funny in itself  ), but it’s truly a wonder.

For example, a smell shows up. And a thought about it shows up saying that the smell is reminiscent of childhood memories. In that moment there is a connection, a sense of time, a life, a past, a childhood…in an instant.

It’s simply a thought, known “now”…but it evokes a whole story. In direct experience, there is clearly no past, other than a story suggesting one. There is clearly no cause of the smell, or the memory, except if a story comes up suggesting one. There is clearly no one who had a childhood, except for the story about one. It all just spontaneously shows up and is instantly known, the smell, the thoughts, everything that IS only IS because it’s known. It completely effortlessly IS...with nothing owning it or causing any of it.

In a moment, a smell is given significance, sentiment, emotion…by the miraculous story that just shows up without an owner, a cause, or purpose. You are simply showing up as this wondrous story of life. How incredible is that!?!



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What Besides a Story Has Beginnings & Ends?

You may be familiar with looking to find the line between seeing and seen, hearing and heard, knowing and known... and as you know if you have looked, there is never one to be found. Just a story of one, but no actual line, gap or fracture anywhere.

But have you looked at this in regards to the indescribable experience which thought labels 'emotions'? Where is the line between joyful and sad? Where precisely is the gap that separates anger from calm? Where exactly does hurt end and love begin? What besides a story talks of borders, beginnings or ends? And how does it know if it is not found as anything but that?

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